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Portrait  |  I am a hands-on Creative Director with a strong portfolio of branding initiatives and holistic, 360 campaigns. I started my career as part of the team that rebranded the Wall Street Journal’s layout for the European market and have been hooked on delivering effective design ever since. Since moving to NYC in 2002, I started and led creative departments for high-level corporate clients and have built a strong reputation for myself as a creative and communication strategist. I developed my own agency in 2005 using my design, creative strategy and project management experience to help global clients sharpen their visual identity in print, video and digital media.  I also try to be a thoughtful leader who shares my curiosity and creative discovery with designers and leaders across my network. See "what they say"

I design and lead with love, fun, and passion.

Branding is storytelling. Let's tell yours together.


Visual storytelling is being able to tell a story that audiences will enjoy, remember, and engage with, is both compelling and difficult to accomplish. I achieve this result by getting to know my clients, their products, and their companies, by taking the time to listen to them, what inspires them, and how they envision their success which is what guide me to craft their stories. To create a narrative that will ring true to the ears of their audience and to themselves. 

Clients  Wall Street Journal, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, AGT International, New York Sun, Free2Move, Anagram Books, Arabesques Consulting, GluckIgluck, New York Sun...


Creative strategy is the blueprint of how the end goals of your communication will ultimately be met.
Yes lots of data, research, metrics come to play but ultimately it's a fundamental understanding of the culture, the society, the people who will make you "get it", get the idea that will be on point, effective and successful. Touching heart, and soul of the audience while making them laugh or smile.

I remain very engaged with our industry globally, balancing European and American influences to which I connected personally and professionally help me stay in touch with the audience and keeping it real and fresh.

Products | 360 advertising campaign, digital campaign, banners book covers, branding development, identities, logos, packaging, collateral material, powerpoint templates, publishing, videos, websites

positive leadership and talent management

Positive leadership has been at the core of my self-development
as a leader for a decade. I focus on human prospering and help people become happier while at work. Its tenets can be extremely powerful in affecting and sustaining positive behavior within an organization. I thrive to provide my team with an enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working environment. Here are my tools:

Be respectful. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
Communicate. Be aware of communal goals while encouraging individuals
Display enthusiasm. Let the team feel the fun and the motivation.
Problem solving. Roll up your sleeves and dive into problem-solving mode.
Place others before yourself. Not just leaders, but also servants
Be appreciative. Show gratitude from each individual’s efforts.

This goes a long way toward productivity, attitude and loyalty.


Be a role model, be a mentor, inspire


Inspiration is what gets me out of bed everyday and defines my goals. Currently leadership and healthy work environment is what I teach myself the most.

I found Simon Sinek to be my best inspiration and whom
I want to learn from and look up to. I read his books, watch videos, Ted Talks,
podcasts, take classes and
walk the talk. Every week I send out to my team my "Friday Goodies" which you can find among these posts. This week-ending communication covers a broad variety of topics ranging from design tips to career insights to innovations in technology - all curated by my broad collection of creative inspirations.

I also humbly write on Medium when I see fit and shoot "moments" I post on Instagram. Lately I have been going back to doodling and started tackling an instrument.
All these contribute to keeping me engaged and challenged in my life and in my work.


Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility,
and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities

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creative strategy and leadership

smile, it won't mess up your hair

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