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W.E.B. Dubois, the man who put ART in chART

| Friday Goodie This week let’s jump back in team and meet W.E.B. Dubois, who brought Modernist Data Visualizations of Black Life for the World’s Fair of 1900.

He put ART in chARTs

This is amazing avant-garde work not only did he brought a fresh and artful approach to charts and datas, aesthetically, Du Bois’s visualizations evoke the iconic abstract paintings of Piet Mondrian and the pioneering color-block sculptures of Anne Truitt, but predate the influence of both by half a century away.

He decided to visualize his data in a series of artful, striking diagrams that beckon both the intellect and the imagination, dispelling socio cultural misconceptions with statistics in a viscerally arresting way — a way “to give, in as systematic and compact a form as possible, the history and present condition of a large group of human beings.”

Since my team does a lot of those data interpretations and infographics, this might inspire them and you – the art and the man.

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